• Asbestos Removal Project Management

Refurbishment Survey

Refurbishment Surveying

This survey is intrusive and will reflect on intended scope of works for a refurbishment project. It is project specific and every effort is made to ensure that there are no presumed samples.

The samples are sent to a UKAS Accredited Laboratory for analysis. A fully documented report will become available in both electronic pdf format and hard copy.

All our asbestos surveying work is carried out to HSE Standard HSG 264 surveying and sampling requirements for assessment of asbestos containing materials.

Most surveys are made to comply with the law. This means that every possible effort is made to locate ACMS (asbestos containing materials) present in a building to enable the management responsible to control the risk.

If a survey is deemed necessary, the type of survey and the appropriate report format is established and agreed. One of the key considerations is the obtaining of samples and avoiding, or minimising, operational activities.

With the latter in mind, we offer three types of surveys: Asbestos Management Survey, Refurbishment Survey, Pre Demolition Survey.